Saturday, July 24, 2010


Finally, after almost six years, Aaron graduated from Pharmacy school with his doctorate degree. We were both very happy at graduation day. Aaron had gone through school with three other friends all from Utah. Skip, Steve, Jason, and Aaron were a great support to each other. We spent a week back in Pennsylvania and it was fun to catch up with friends and visit the Presque Isle. There were several turtles that come up out of the water and onto the log when it is warm out. We saw them as we were riding bikes around the park. They are cute and interesting creatures. Just wanted to post a few photos of our continued adventure.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Back in Utah

Well for those who do not know, Aaron and I have moved from Erie, Pennsylvania and into our home in Murray, Utah, while Aaron finishes up his rotations. When a few of our neighbors in Murray contacted me to let me know my yard was in pretty bad shape, I drove across the country, taking pictures along the way, to whip it back into shape. Aaron had two weeks left of schooling and exams. When I got to Utah, the weeds in the garden were taller than I was and the front and back yard was pretty dry and yellow. Our renters had moved out two months before, and I was grateful to my neighbor, Nick Panas, for helping me dig up the weeds. We also put in a sprinkler system in the yard, and it feels good to be back in our home and close to the mountains.

I flew out to Chicago after two weeks, and met Aaron to drive our other car back. We stopped by the Laura Ingalls Wilder homestead on the way. Then drove to my Grandmother's home in Chamberlain, South Dakota, and stayed for four days. It was nice to visit with her since I hadn't seen her for over ten years. Went on the Indian reservation and watched a Pow Wow and attended the rodeo with Uncle Joe. We then crossed back to Utah through the Badlands, enjoying the diverse rock formations and dinosaur fossils which were neat to see at the museum nearby.

My fun friend, Margie, back in Erie, called to let us know of another Pug that was in need of a home. We thought we would try it out. Now we have another Pug, named Sammy, that is fitting in alright with Jax. Sammy is 4 and Jax is 3. It was a strange transition for Jax. Often if Sammy was on my lap, Jax would squish his way in between us. I converted an old dresser into a pie hutch with swinging doors. Anywho, I have used the drawers that were in the dresser as a bed for Jax, with two pillows and a blanket. Well, I made one for Sammy as well and Jax wouldn't let him sleep in his bed. Jax wanted them both. But, after a few weeks of making sure we gave love to BOTH of them, I woke up one morning to find them both sharing a drawer. It was cute. So, meet Sammy, our new Pug.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

South Carolina Trip

I am way overdue for bloggin' and postin' pictures. My husband had three weeks off from school before his summer term started and I made a spontaneous decision to go to South Carolina. I had wanted to see some of the beautiful plantations down there and learn a little about slavery and their way of life. We made it to North Carolina to get a bite to eat and started to hear the southern accent, "ya'll". It was welcomed. The people were very nice. We stayed at a rental I found on a swap internet site in Mt. Pleasant. Just 10 minutes from South Carolina. The lady was very nice. She made sure we had breakfast and snacks and had decorated the place so cozy, it was very relaxing. We stayed there for four days and saw the various sites.

The first day we toured Boone Hall Plantation. For anyone who has viewed the mini-series North and South with Patrick Swayze or the Notebook movie, this is the place where parts of the series was filmed. The driveway is lined with 88 oak trees which are so beautiful. It is the only plantation still operating outside of Charleston South Carolina. We toured the mansion and butterfly gardens. Also, there are nine brick houses where the slaves lived on the plantation. Today, though, you can walk in each one and push a button and listen to some of the history of either their basketweaving, worshipping services, family life, and the underground railroad, and of course learn about the end of slavery and what became of them after they gained freedom. The weather was humid, but the scenery was well worth the heat. One souvenir I purchased was a premixed cobbler mix called - Geechie Peachie Cobbla. It was fun. We bought some peaches and made it of course, but on the package it read: git ya oven nice and hot (bout 375). Find ya best 8x8 pan and greez 'em up good. Pick ya some fresh peaches and put 'em in da bottom of da pan....south lingo...very fun. We of course couldn't pass up the beach and toured another plantation before heading back due to rain. We had a nice time though and enjoyed the drive home by the Appalachian mountains. If you ever get a chance to go, I recommend it.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Summer's On Its Way

Aaron and I have really been enjoying the weather here now that it has started to warm up. FINALLY! The winters in Erie last FOREVER and we welcome the end to the depression:) Last week, we took our Pug, Jax down to the beach. Jax loves to go down and race with Aaron alongside the water. We have to spell out B-E-A-C-H when we talk about it, cause he knows what it is when he hears the word. We take a frisbee and his leash for he is always wanting to interact with other dogs, but its best to hold onto him. Jax has this thing where he thinks he trys to intimidate bigger dogs - much bigger dogs - its bizarre because he is not a big dog, but he'll bark at other dogs as if he is the King. Its pretty hilarious. There is this fun old-fashioned diner called Sara's that has burgers/fries/shakes, etc. The base of the countertop is an old car. Fun, huh. We ordered yummy orange serbert cones before going down to the beach. I like that place.

As we get closer to leaving this place come the end of the summer, I have reflected on the time that we have been here and the things we have learned. Graduate school is a heavily demanding program and at times life is not fun, frankly because you don't have one. While Aaron has been studying away, I have passed the time by having brain surgery, radiation, church callings, meeting new friends, sharing the gospel, taking pictures, reading the scriptures, seeing history sites, working part-time, and growing closer to my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ. The thing I will probably miss the most is watching the sunsets with my husband. I never appreciated sunsets until I met him. This summer, we plan to go to South Carolina, Gettysburg, the Hill Cumorah Pageant, Niagara Falls (third time), Toronto, and the Sacred Grove. Looking forward to sharing our pics and stories. So grateful to have a wonderful companion to share my life with. Love you Aaron, looking forward to a fun summer!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

New York

This trip was half fulfilling and half crazy. We only had two full days to get a feel of New York City. Our must-see list consisted of the Statue of Liberty, the temple, Ellis Island, a Broadway play, and the Rockefeller Center. This was the fulfilling part. The crazy part was Niki getting side-tracked Saturday morning. Oh my goodness I met Louis Vuitton....the store that is. Never heard of the place before, but boy I sure eyed a pair of sunglasses that I really liked. The salesman also catered to me like never before. This caused a slight disagreement between Aaron and I. But you must know that my husband told me I could spend 600.00 on clothes and shoes because I compromised to drive down versus flying (we saved 600.00 because we drove and he said I could spend the savings on shopping in New York)...but when I chose to purchase a pair of sunglasses instead of clothes and shoes, all of a sudden it didn't sit well with him. The glasses of course were 480.00. He said No, No, No. And I had to walk out with nothing but a business card from the salesman. I then browsed around Tiffany's just to watch him sweat a little with worry, and I walked right back on out after realizing I couldn't get much there either.

The people are literally everywhere and in a hurry, just like in the movies. It was crazy. We took a double-decker bus tour of the city and enjoyed viewing unique buildings and architecture. Saw where John Lennon was killed, the Trump Tower, Glenn Close and Kevin Bacon's "apartments", the most expensive apartment in New York (for sale at 47 million), and the LDS Temple. Later in the evening we saw Mary Poppins on Broadway. It was SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS and we would recommend that to anyone over the other choices of plays. The next day, we took a ferry ride to see the Statue of Liberty. It was so wonderful. I have a great love for America and I was so anxious to see this beloved statue. With all the downturn in the economy, it was comforting to see a symbol of hope, peace and freedom. She stands facing east, much like the angel Moroni a top the temples, waiting for the Lord to come again and fulfill His promises. We toured Liberty island and Aaron ate the best sandwich of his life - a Cuban sandwich...MMM...MMM. We took a second fairy to Ellis Island and toured the facility that was used to register immigrants years ago. It was humbling to see how little they had when they arrived, but how much they looked forward to making a better life in America for themselves and their families. You can research ancestors and the various ships they arrived on. I found an ancestor that arrived from Switzerland at the age of 19...guess I'll have to talk Aaron to taking me there so I can continue the research:)...someday. Back to New York, we rode the subway to China town and loaded up on all the goods. World Trade Center Memorial site was next, followed by some frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity3. This was a fun little restaurant. We also enjoyed french toast and music. Last, but not least, we went to the Rockefeller Center, also known as radio city music hall. We viewed the New York skyline at midnight, then headed home. Thank you Aaron for taking me on a much needed vacation! I don't ask for many material things, but I did make him promise that at my funeral, he would make sure I had those Louie Vuitton sunglasses on before they closed my casket...that way, in the next life, he'll be sure to find me.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

We're long overdue for an update. We went home to Weiser, Idaho to visit Niki's family for the new year. It was a great trip! We spent a lot of time with family relaxing and catching up. We saw a herd of elk, some deer and Aaron witnessed his first sheep drive! We saw Debbie's (Niki's mom) ZEBRA, that's right ZEBRA, named SPOT and took pictures to prove that it is true. We taunted the wild turkeys in the back yard and enjoyed the beautiful clear skies. Niki's sister Autumn was married in Boise and the reception was fantastic.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A nice way to kick off the holiday season!

Niki and I went out for dinner on Saturday night at Cracker Barrel. It's a favorite restaurant of ours and the food is always good. While we waited behind the 50 people from the tour bus in front of us, we took the opportunity to meet another couple waiting in line. They are from Ohio and are getting ready to retire in the next few years. We made small talk and they told us about geothermal power with windmills - it was pretty cool. We eventually were seated and enjoyed a fine meal. When we were ready for the check the waitress told us that another customer had anonymously paid our bill (we figured it was most likely this couple we described). What a nice gesture and surprise! That has never happened to us before. We decided that we need to pass the favor on to someone else this holiday season in one way or another. Thanks to the kind couple from Cracker Barrel for kicking off the holiday season in such a GREAT way!

Monday, November 3, 2008

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Hershey and Lancaster!

Aaron and I spent a weekend visiting with our friends, Steve and Kellie and their son Bennett. They live in Hershey PA and showed us some of the different sites in Lancaster and Hershey. Saturday morning we drove to see the Amish and went to a farmers' market where we tasted samplings of their homemade goodies. They are friendly people who have a gift for making beautiful crafts and furniture - not that I'm advertising for them. Anywho....we also drove by their farms and over a covered bridge. They say if you kiss on the bridge, you will have seven years of good luck. So kissed we. On our way back we stopped at a pretzel factory and tried our new luck at making pretzels.

The day continued with a tour of Hershey’s Chocolate World. It was fun to see how the famous chocolate is made. Merchandise galore! Anything you can imagine they have available. It was cool. The rainy weather from earlier in the day scared off the big crowds at Hershey Park so when the skies cleared up in the evening it was perfect for Hershey Park in the dark. Aaron tried to win Niki a stuffed animal by scoring points with Skee Ball – but it turned out that Niki was much better at the game than he was and so she ended up winning the stuffed Hershey kiss for herself! We laughed pretty hard about that! On our way back to Erie we took a few pictures of the town of Hershey and enjoyed the fresh chocolate smell in the air. What a fun trip! Thanks Kellie, Steve, and Bennett for being such great hosts! We had a BLAST!
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Friday, October 3, 2008

Clinical Skills Competition

This blog is a little behind schedule but I wanted to post an exciting event. Aaron participated in a Clinical Skills competition in which he and his good friend, Steve Brown, competed against six other teams at LECOM (pharmacy school). What it is is a patient case, telling you what the medications the patient is on, their lab results, their complaints of pain, etc....then from the condition of the patient that is presented, you have to decide what the goals of therapy are and what your recommendation, as a pharmacist would be.....(pharmacy stuff)...anyways, it is exciting because the two of them WON THE COMPETITION!!!! Yeah!! and now both Aaron and Steve will be sent by the school to participate in the national competition in Orlando Florida this coming December (and compete against all 101 pharmacy schools in the country). I am very excited for them and proud of Aaron.

The next day after he found out that they won, he came home and told me that he received a prize for winning. My eyes got big and I was anticipating that I would see a gift card to somewhere or a big screen television.....then Aaron showed me the prize. It was big alright. A great big pharmacy book. Yep that was it. But I am very happy that he gets to go to Florida and I hope to see him place in the top ten at least. Good work Aaron, you're smokin!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Maine Event!!

Last week we drove along the New England coast to the great state of Maine. When we crossed the border into Maine instead of the traditional road sign simply stating "Welcome to Maine" it read "Maine - the way life should be." We discovered several reasons why this IS the case. They say that the 3 L's are why people visit Maine:

First L for Lobster. As you would imagine lobster is everywhere in Maine. Reasonable prices and a plethora of local restaurants serving this delicacy make this wonderful food more of a staple.

Second L for LL Bean. The largest outlet of LL Bean is in Maine. There are also many other smaller outlets that offer daily bargains on all items.

Third L for Lighthouses. This was one of the main reasons we planned this trip. Maine has a total of 64 active lighthouses. We had the opportunity to visit/see 5 of them: Portland Head lighthouse (the most photographed lighthouse in the US!), Pemaquid lighthouse (the lighthouse that is on the state quarter for Maine), Bass Harbor lighthouse (amazing sunsets here make this one of the biggest attractions for Acadia National Park), Rockland Breakwater lighthouse (this sits in the city of Rockland where the only lighthouse museum in the country resides), and Egg Rock lighthouse (Acadia National Park). Surprisingly Michigan and Massachusetts both have more lighthouses than Maine which is #3 in the US for the quantity of lighthouses.

Our week was filled with hiking, sightseeing, dining out, watching sunsets and sunrises. It was a little bit of heaven on earth. We stayed in a small cottage on Mount Desert Island just outside Acadia National Park. It was perfect with a small kitchen & recliners. The rocky New Enlgand coast is replete with all types of trees that make quite a distinct landscape. One of the highlights was waking up early to watch the sunrise from Cadillac Mountain. This peak is one of the tallest on the eastern seaboard allowing us the opportunity to be one of the first people to see the sun touch US soil for that day. We took a sunset cruise on the only 4 mastered schooner in Frenchman Bay. A local musician and his daughter provided perfect entertainment on this relaxing cruise.

What a great experience! We will definately be back to visit again. Enjoy the slideshow.

Friday, August 8, 2008


This is a compilation of photos from hiking on Lake Blanche & Lake Mary trail in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Dog Lake trail in Millcreek Canyon, our Yellowstone NP, Jackson Hole WY, & Grand Teton NP trip, some pics in Cleveland OH and Allegany State Park in NY. We have definately been having our share of FUN this summer! Enjoy!